Our Story

  • Hebe,
    the guardian of the Fountain of Youth, stands eternally as a symbol of youthful beauty. The beautiful, amicable and loving Goddess radiates golden light and brings youth and beauty to humanity. For centuries, the Greeks have believed that seeking out Hebe’s blessing was a way of achieving eternal youth. She is thought to have the power to restore youthfulness in general.
  • HeBe.Swiss,
    a medical-grade repairing and anti-aging skincare brand, drew its inspiration from the Greek mythical enchantress, with an extensive range of tinctures and solutions that focus on restoring the skin’s healthy barrier and prevent its ageing from external stress factors. Founded at the heart of the Swiss Alps, our exclusive skincare range is rooted in scientific precision and carefully selected botanical complexes formulated specifically for Asian skin.
  • Our products are made for the modern day woman. While multi-tasking through our busy lives, our skin becomes vulnerable to external factors such as stress, pollution, air quality, change of climate and seasons etc. Our scientifically tried-and-tested formulas ensure that you get the most out of your skincare routine. So whether you’re out conquering the world with grace or in your slumber, you know that the products you use are also working deep into your skin to restore your youthful supple complexion.

Our Laboratory

Located at the foot of the Alps in Switzerland, the gleaming, snow-capped surroundings were the perfect beginnings of our brand.
  • The laboratory of HeBe.Swiss is reinforced by Switzerland’s reputation for avante-garde skincare, with a research and development team consisting of professional and renowned specialists in medicine, medical grade aesthetics and skincare formulation. Harnessing the location’s natural resources, exceptional water quality and clean air, Hebe.Swiss products precisely integrate them with state-of-the-art technology and research in medical beauty. The result is natural and refined products of top efficacy, echelon and the highest safety standards.
  • Since 1988, our Swiss manufacturing partner has been producing quality and strictly controlled cosmetic products. As an ECOCERT-licensed manufacturer, we also ensure that our products are produced in a sustainable, socially conscious manner.
Our products are sold internationally with distributors in European, American and Asian countries.

Our Founder

Spring Lee is the founder and managing director of Hebe.Swiss. Since launching the brand in 2009, Hebe.Swiss has grown into one of the most reputable medical-grade skincare brands popular among aestheticians, with products sold in more than 2000 beauty salons in China.
  • Having worked as a beautician for many years, she often encounter customers who suffer from various skin sensitivity issues, some are due to external factors such as the environment, while others are caused internally by a compromised immune system. Some customers who splurged on expensive visits to the dermatologist, came back unsatisfied with the results, as they noticed that the root cause their skin problem is not solved.
  • Inspired by these cases, as well as hew own frustrations from trials and errors finding the perfect skincare formula, Spring set out on a mission to look for traditional remedies. Her pursuit for efficient, safe, and high-quality products, brought her to the beautiful country of Switzerland.
Through rigorous experimenting, researching and developing formulas in the Swiss laboratories, customers are able to obtain effective results. These formulas not only help to improve the skin’s barrier to prevent sensitivities, they also promote overall healthier skin so that it shines from within. And thus in October 2009, HeBe.Swiss was born...