HeBe. Swiss

Scientific research-oriented, Health-oriented

Professional and precise patented formulation for a sophisticated skincare regime based on scientific research


Cleansing Series

Bring gentle deep cleansing and moisturizing to skin,for milkier, bouncier skin.

Hydra Continue Series

The combination of alpine glacier water and plant ingredients provides lasting moisture and nourishment.

Perfectionist Series

Swiss Alpine Edelweiss extract is a key ingredient , it provides nourishment, firmness and antioxidant, lifts the skin for a majestic beauty.

Sensitive Series

Relieve skin pressure, improve skin sensitivity, strengthen skin barrier, and restore skin health and luster.

They Said

Candy Lo

HK famous actors /
Champion of Miss Asia Pageant 1991

I have been looking for a mask that can activate cell regeneration, #organic skin food# # # Swiss HeBe. Swiss youth goddess apple regeneration essence moisturizing mask # encounters. CELLACTIVE ® –HYDRO The concept of malic acid patented development technology originates the apple mask. With the ingredients of the secret of ocean, rosemary and lemon grass, anti-oxidizing and cell-wakening effect of grapefruit, the damaged skin can be repaired, and cell regeneration can be promoted, leaving the skin visibly glowing and shining!

Even if time flies, my skin stays young!

Will Or

HK Famous Makeup Artist

Swiss skincare products are always ranked the highest with top quality.A friend of mine introduces the brand HeBe.Swiss to me and its key product, Apple Pulp & Radiant and Moisturizing Mask. It impresses me by its 100% natural ingredients, amazing hydrating booster, powerful spot fighting ability and perfect radiant effect. I can feel the magic work on my acnes these days. This product is highly recommended by the agelessness Candy Lo.