March 2017
Charity Banquet to Pass Love and Beauty!

The Award Ceremony Charity Banquet of Hebe Charity Foundation and HeBe.Swiss annual dinner was held on March 9 in St.Regis Hotel in Shenzhen KingKey100 and had a huge success. This banquet was organized by Monarch Cosmetics (HK) Ltd and sponsored by Qiaolifang of Quan Ying Holding Group and Aisenbao Trade (Shenzhen) Ltd.

Celebrities, famous entrepreneurs and successful people with a caring heart gathered to enjoy the charity feast to present the idea of “love and beauty”!

Toast before the banquet

The ambassadors set up a Reception Table at the entrance of the hall. The pentacle accessory representing the caring theme and skincare travel pack recommended by celebrities were given by our ceremonial usherette. The grand and awesome signing wall reflects the atmosphere of love and beauty.

Award Ceremony

The launch event of Hebe Charity Foundation was held on February 9, 2015 in the Mira Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui) and later registered as Hebe Charity Foundation in Hong Kong. The 1st Council

of Hebe Charity Foundation was taken place on March 9, 2016. Throughout these two years, various activities were held, including showing our warmth and care to the children in rural and poor areas in Xinjiang, Xizang, Gaozhou in Maoming and etc. Fund, clothes, food, book and stationery donation were sent to the needy by the ambassadors in the Foundation.

 Over the last year, our ambassadors had visited the poor areas in Gaozhou, Maoming to support the study of children. The participated ambassadors would be awarded in this ceremony with the trophy of “Caring Ambassador”. This was the most honorable award to appreciate their hard work and support, as well as the gratitude from the Foundation.

“Caring Ambassador” Award Ceremony

Miss Yang Yang, “Promotion Ambassador” of Hebe Charity Foundation

It is our pleasure to have Miss Yang Yang to be the “Promotion Ambassador” of Hebe Charity Foundation. Being a lover of horse-riding and workout, her positive and youthful energy allows her to become the ambassador of Love and Beauty. In January 2016, she visited the Paradise Village of Miao Autonomous Prefecture to present her care and love to the poor children. Spring Lee and Li Guoguang, Chairperson and Honorable Chairperson of the Foundation respectively, presented the award of “Promotion Ambassador” to Miss Yang together.

“Promotion Ambassador” Award Ceremony

Congratulations to Miss Yang for being the “Promotion Ambassador” of Hebe Charity Foundation. The aim of the Hebe Charity Foundation was then announced and the idea of love and beauty was conveyed!

Announcement of the aim of the Hebe Charity Foundation

To show our gratitude to the sponsors of the charity banquet, the Foundation presented the trophy of “Caring Business Sponsorship” to Qiaolifang of Quan Ying Holding Group and Aisenbao Trade 

(Shenzhen) Ltd for sponsoring the laundry tablet and red wine respectively.

“Caring Business Sponsorship” Award Ceremony

It is our honor to have Doctor Cai Qiren, the Chinese artistic and modern literature writer, famous designer and educator, to be our guest. He presented his unique Chinese landscape painting and sent his painting to Hebe Charity Foundation with the name of Love to show his blessings. Moreover, Doctor Cai created two paintings as gifts with the theme of “Spring” from the name of Spring Lee (Chairperson) and “Jade” from the name of Liu Yuyan (President).

Annual Banquet


>>>>>Story of HeBe.Swiss

Spring Lee, the Chief Operating Officer of HeBe.Swiss (Swiss medical grade skincare brand), Director of Monarch Cosmetics (HK) Ltd, Chairperson of Hebe Charity Foundation and winner of the 10 Most Outstanding Asian Women, encouraged people to reveal their inner beauty when pursuing the outer beauty so that people can have a blissful life. We chase for the real beauty! We chase for the fruitful results of the creativity! Therefore, Spring Lee devoted her time to this cosmetic career and brought the brand to Asia to gain its popularity!

>>>>>HeBe.Swiss Most Favorite Product, Golden Rooster Award

HeBe.Swiss Most Favorite Product is the most meaningful prize for every year in the annual banquet. HeBe.Swiss, as a Swiss medical grade skincare brand, gathers the love and care of beauties from all walks of life and represents their insists of beauty. So, they love using the products and shareing with friends that HeBe.Swiss is the story of the youthfulness…

Monarch Cosmetics (HK) Ltd presented the Golden Rooster Award to the Goddess Jolin (Agent in Taiwan), Miss Cai Qun (Director of Shuixiufang SPA) and Miss Liu Yuyan (Training Director of 

HeBe.Swiss) to appreciate their effort in the last year. The award can show our gratitude and encourage the agents of Monarch Cosmetics (HK) Ltd!

Spot connection to the Goddess Jolin in Taiwan

Miss Cai Qun, winner of Golden Rooster Award of HeBe.Swiss Most Favorite Product

Miss Liu Yuyan, winner of Golden Rooster Award of HeBe.Swiss Most Favorite Product

Amazing Program

Mr. Kan Mok, famous male vocalist in Hong Kong, sang “The Moon Represents My Heart” to Hebe Charity Foundation. He entranced the audience with his warm and powerful singing talents!

The energetic Electro-acoustic Violin Show let the banquet be in full swing. It was such a perfect match when the beautiful melody met the world with love and care!

The attractive voices from songs and piano let the atmosphere immerse with lively melody and that was the scent of the youthfulness.

Beauty does not only represent the youthfulness of life, but also conveys the matter-of-fact of life. Beauty and wisdom through the baptism of the time invent the gracefulness and sweetness of life…Lu Ying and her team from the China Cheongsam Association-Shenzhen team presented the concept of “Forever Young” with their experiences. The Cheongsam Show integrated the elegance of the conventional Cheong-sam and the modern features of catwalk to lead us to the road of “Co-existence of love and beauty”.

Doctor Tan Han, leader of PhD Dance Company (Hong Kong) and the champion with the highest qualification in Eastern Dancing, had two unique Chinese dancing performances for the banquet.

It was a grateful, wonderful and unforgettable night. The song “WE ARE THE WORLD!” aroused the sympathy of audience and the banquet came to an end with the beautiful melody. Let us pass the love and beauty! Let love and beauty stay with us!